The Headington Quarry Foundation Stage School
Ofsted Outstanding Rated School

Our school team Headington Quarry Foundation Stage School
Name Role
Natalie Wilson Headteacher/Red Group Fridays
Claire Derry Class Teacher Green Group (Afternoons)
Jane Barnes Class Teacher Red Group (Monday to Thursday)
Janet Baum Class Teacher Yellow Group (Thursdays)/Forest School (Tuesdays)
Sarah Garrett Early Years Professional Blue Group
Sally Kirkby Early Years Professional Yellow Group (Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri)
Jane Woodford Nursery Nurse Green Group (Mornings)
Sarah Stringer Teaching Assistant/Lunch time Supervisor
Katie Wilson Teaching Assistant (part time)
Daycare Staff
Kelly Welch Daycare Co-ordinator
Janet Clarke Nursery Nurse (part time)
Chiara Chilcott Teaching Assistant/Forest School Leader (Tuesdays)
Katie Khan Daycare Teaching Assistant
Lucy Aston Daycare Teaching Assistant (part time)
Office Staff
Jo Eadle School Administrator/Secretary (part time) mornings
Linda Hessey Daycare Administrator
Support Staff
Tina Turner Cleaner in Charge/Lunch time Supervisor
Jane Jones Lunch time Supervisor
Azmat Sharif Lunch time Supervisor
Uma Singh Lunch time Supervisor
Heidi Byles Lunch time Supervisor
Debbie Cross School Cook
St Andrew’s Foundation Class – Rainbow Group
Annie Arnold Class Teacher
Kate Guppy Teaching Assistant