The Headington Quarry Foundation Stage School
Ofsted Outstanding Rated School
Headington Quarry Foundation Stage School Policies

The following polices are available to download:
Admissions - UPDATED May 2017
Behaviour - UPDATED May 2016
British Values Statement - UPDATED February 2016
Charging for school activities _ UPDATED July 2016
Complaints - UPDATED December 2015
Disability Equality
Equality Statement - Updated July 2017
Race Equality Statement - Updated July 2017
Health and Safety - Updated July 2017
Hiring Policy - Updated July 2017
Medicine Policy and Procedures
Learning and Teaching - UPDATED May 2016
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy - UPDATED March 2017
Safer Recruitment Policy - Updated July 2017
Statement for Religious Education - Updated July 2017
SEN Information Report - UPDATED January 2017
Statement for Sex Education
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme - Updated July 2017
Whistle Blowing Procedure - Updated July 2017

Early Years Pupil Premium Funding
The early years pupil premium (EYPP) is additional funding for early years settings to improve the education they provide for 3 and 4 year olds whose families meet the eligibility criteria. Please click here for more information regarding our use of EYPP.

Sex Education
Sex education is not taught as a separate subject, but is dealt with as it arises e.g. answering children's questions following the birth of a younger brother or sister, or during a theme about 'Ourselves'.

We place a firm emphasis on sexual equality e.g. boys are encouraged to play in the home-corner, use dressing up clothes, help with tidying up; girls are encouraged to use construction equipment, woodwork, wheeled toys. We choose books that show men and women in a variety of roles, rather than those that are stereotyped e.g. only women doing housework, being nurses; only men mending things or going out to work.

Arrangements for children with Special Education Needs
The School welcomes and supports children who need special provision to enhance and develop their learning e.g. children with behaviour or learning difficulties, children with health problems, children with physical disabilities, children who are particularly able. These children may be supported through work in small groups, or individual time with an adult.

We have strong links with our advisory service and other external agencies, e.g. health visitors, school psychologist, pre-school counsellors. If, following discussions with parents, we feel their advice would be helpful, they are always happy for us to call on their services.

Parents of children who are considered to have special educational needs will always be included in making arrangements to meet those special needs. Please talk to the headteacher or key person if you have a particular concern about your child.

Safeguarding Children
The School is committed to work in partnership with Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board and other agencies on child-protection issues. The needs of the child are at the centre of our thinking always. We strongly encourage partnership between parents and other agencies if support is needed. Please ask to see the full policy if you wish.