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Records and Assessment
Parents, together with your child’s Key Person, complete a form when children make an initial visit to school. This gives an opportunity to explain about each child’s interests and talents and anything which parents feel might be a concern.

During their time in school, each child’s key person keeps detailed observational profiles on the children in their groups and contribute to records on all children. They also have regular discussions with parents to check that their impressions of children's progress are borne out by parents' observations. Close observation of children enables teachers to plan appropriately for their next steps.

When your child leaves the Nursery you will receive a report summarising his/her achievements in all areas of the curriculum as well as their ‘Special book’ which is a record of their experiences at our school. A profile/report for each child will be forwarded to the next school/setting which your child will attend.
Headington Quarry Foundation Stage School